Monday, January 4, 2010

Father’s Final Book Wins Fitting Postscript from Ohioana Awards Committee

Calliope Press authors Kay Williams and Jerri Williams Lawrence were awarded the Ohioana Library Association’s 2009 citation for "unique and outstanding accomplishment in the field of writing and editing." Calliope Press authors won the award for finishing their late father’s romance novel, One Last Dance: It’s Never Too Late to Fall in Love. He worked on it for three years before his death at age 95. One Last Dance has won awards and acclaim for its charm, humor and relevance to today’s seniors. The sisters were honored on October 17, 2009 in Columbus, OH.

One Last Dance is a story about finding love at any age. Morgan, 89, and Dixie, 79, move in together for economic reasons. Soon their business-only relationship deepens as they face scandal, illness, and a near-fatal accident. One Last Dance is also about human frailty. Dixie fears intimacy and Morgan hides details about his divorce, estranged children and lost job. When a grandson Morgan never knew reappears, he is forced to deal with his troubled past, which brings Dixie and Morgan closer together and closer to their fractured families.

Jim Cox, Midwest Book Review, had this to say: "A sweepingly elegant romance, One Last Dance celebrates the importance of living in the moment and never giving up in the search for love. Emotion and hope surge from the pages, in this novel that leaves the reader feeling invigorated and enthusiastic about life."

Over the years, the Ohioana Library Association has presented more than 700 awards to some of the most talented artists, writers, and musicians associated with the state of Ohio, including James Thurber, Kay Boyle, Ian Frazier, Toni Morrison, and Elizabeth George. Kay and Jerri say they are thrilled that One Last Dance was recognized in this way.

“It’s an important book,” Jerri said, “it shows older people as real people, not caricatures. The message is clear. Don’t just sit in a corner and wait for life to happen, but go full speed at life.” Kay added, “Exactly what Dad did. He was still writing it right up to the day he died at age 95.”

One Last Dance was published by Calliope Press. For more information on the book and the authors, please visit the Calliope Press website,

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