Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here’s what Francine L. Trevens, TnT Classic Books, past President of GNYIPA, is up to recently:

  • SHORT PLAYS TO LONG REMEMBER - selections from 7 of the 27 plays will be staged at Dramatists Guild April 30 at 6 PM  Attendance by invitation and reservation only. Two plays by Victor Gluck, one by Sidney M Morris, one by William F. Poleri and three by myself.  No one without reservation can attend as we are booked to capacity and are now reserving waiting list only.
  • Quoted in two new books quote me:

  • ·Just finished a radio show I did on X Zone regarding paranormal experiences which led to my writing IMAGICS and other family stories can be accessed by  tuning in to http://www.xzonepodcast.com and scrolling down to my name and hitting play button.
  • Doing benefit reading of Bar None in June at Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation with Perry Brass and from Chambers' Quintessential Image in July at Fresh Fruit Festival-- both from SHORT PLAYS TO LONG REMEMBER.

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