Saturday, August 14, 2010

Interviews with Francine L. Trevens

Airing August 17: 10PM CDT/11PM EDT

Interview with Jonathan Logan of Witulant Webcast Radio. Will read a condensed version of one of stories from IMAGICS and also be interviewed. On line at

Airing Aug. 23: 1PM EDT
Interview with Dr Rose about SHORT PLAYS TO LONG REMEMBER. Dr Rose has written kids plays, so we will discuss play writing and such as well. Go to listen live or wait one day and go to the same site at ARCHIVES of the date of show and listen.

Airing September 22: 12:30 EDT and again at 3:30 EDT
Interview on The Experience Pros Radio Show Sept, 22 discussing pros and cons of self publishing; listen to radio show on KLZ AM 560 or on the web at Listen to the encore broadcast, or several days later it will be available to download from iTunes and from the Experience Pros website.

Airing November 15: 10:30 EST
Interview on WHO YOU CALLING OLD for about 30 minutes talking about an active writing/publishing career in one’s later years. Web access is

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