Thursday, March 1, 2012

Publishing Expert to Speak March 7: Look Before You Leap: Evaluating Your Marketing Plans

Marion Gropen, noted publishing expert, to speak at the next GNYIPA meeting, March 7 at 6:30pm.

Most publishers have trouble projecting their sales from any given marketing opportunity, and even more problems finding their most profitable choices. And there are thousands of choices being flogged by hundreds of marketing consultants all over the web.

Marion Gropen won't tell you how to market your books. She does show you how to tell which opportunities will work out well for you, and more importantly, which ones won't. She'll show you simple ways to estimate your sales, your costs and your profits before you commit. There will be lots of examples, and you'll be encouraged to ask enormous numbers of questions, enabling her to tailor this talk to your needs and interests.

Marion Gropen: Marion Gropen has been in the business of book publishing for more than 20 years. She combines the practicality and innovation required by the small press world with the sophisticated and powerful techniques used by larger publishers and taught in business schools, giving her students and clients the best of both. She has offered advice and solutions By-The-Question to small presses for the last 8 years, has been teaching financial techniques to publishers for longer than she'll admit, and offers a brief ebook, The Profitable Publisher, explaining the most critical ones.

GNYIPA meetings are typically the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm at CUNY, 365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY (between 34th and 35th Streets), room 8301. Please RSVP to so we can anticipate headcount.

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