Sunday, April 29, 2012

This Month's Meeting: An Introduction to ISBNs

As an author or small publisher, it is sometimes difficult to understand the vocabulary of the book industry. This presentation will cover some basics that you need to know to get started such as What is an ISBN? Further, it will discuss how to obtain one and how to use it to make your title more discoverable. 

Ralph Coviello, a twenty year veteran of the publishing industry, will be presenting this important issue to us at the May meeting.  Coviello's current role at Bowker focuses on educating publishers about ebook metadata in order to improve the discoverability of their titles. Ralph also has experience in many other facets of publishing, including print production and distribution, and is always looking to learn more.  He has written blog and newsletter articles, and has been a radio reporter. Coviello has a BA in History from Syracuse University and an MBA from Centenary College in New Jersey. Still, the great American novel eludes him.

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