Sunday, August 26, 2012

Latest From Francine Trevens

Francine Trevens, of TnT Classic Books, is working on the second part of her memoir of childhood during the Great Depression and Second World War. It seems there has been little peace ever since. “Remembering our Parents – stories and sayings from mom and dad,” to be released in September, has a section from Francine about her dad and his reaction to the sale of her first poem. Selection was taken directly from her memoir. It is the third book in the last two years which has contributions from Francine. The first was “Living the Life of My Dreams” compiled by Caryn FitzGerald, and published as an ebook in 2011, and published more recently in paper. And the third piece of prose from Francine to be published appears in “Imperfect Weddings are Best” by Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg, published by Create Space earlier this year. Francine's contribution is the piece "My Leftovers."

And another Prize for a Pleasant Dreams Book: Written by Francine L.Trevens and illustrated by Maggie Cousins, Gremlins, Genies and Trolls, Oh My! won honorable mention in 2012 Global E Book Awards.

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Publishers of PIXIE TALES, named one of 25 best books of 2011 by Free Book Reviews.

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